Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten is a 2007 documentary film directed by Julien Temple about Joe Strummer, the lead singer of the British punk rock band The Clash, that went on to win the British Independent Film Awards as Best British Documentary 2007.

Joe Strummer was a rarity: a popular musician who actually had something to say; a punk who wasn’t style over substance. Appropriately, then, Julien Temple takes the blueprint he applied to The Filth And The Fury (aligning the subject’s worldview to classic narratives) to document Strummer’s life and times.

The passing of Clash legend Joe Strummer hit harder than the deaths of most musicians. Strummer was in many ways the voice of a generation and he was also a musicial visionary and poet on par with the likes of Bob Dylan and John Lennon. His death at age 50 of sudden cardiac arrest at his home in rural Somerset, England was a shock in that he seemed to be the picture of health—a man who was both physically fit and intellectually and artistically engaged with the world around him.