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Movies are counted amongst the most widely recognized forms of visual communication in present day’s society. However, everyone’s aware that a major highlight of watching a movie in a theatre is that you get to see other films’ trailers. Trailers of upcoming films are usually awe-inspiring, fresh and exciting, apart from being great fun to watch. You get a fair idea about the upcoming movies and can filter out the ones that you’d like to see. Although these trailers offer lots of fun, most importantly they play a critical role in promotion and marketing of a film.

It goes without saying that producing a movie trailer is a very skilful job, one that is harder than producing the movie itself. Following are some insights provided by visual communication experts on creation of great movie trailers.

The trailer of the movie is simply an invitation to the viewers to come out and see the movie. It’s very important to plan the trailer right from the point of the movie conception itself. Its creation expenses should ideally be a part of the entire movie’s budget. Creation of a trailer from already shot footage, through some simple editing techniques, is not a very expensive job. On the other hand, if you’re planning to shoot altogether new footage, specifically for the creation of the trailer, you must prepare an appropriate budget for it beforehand.

It’s important to find the right balance at the time of incorporating movie footage into the movie trailer. Although you’d like to show all those things that make your movie exciting, you wouldn’t want to give too much away. What’s the point if people get to know the entire plot from the trailer itself and no longer feel the desire to watch the complete film?

Please keep in mind that the most important thing is drawing crowds to the theatre (playing your movie). So even if you need to give some of the plot away for the sake of that purpose, it would be well justified to do so. In the end, if your movie is good enough, it’ll do well just by word-of-mouth publicity.

Once you’ve picked all the footage you need for the trailer, you’d have to select the right quotes. Don’t forget to add some poignant dialogues that’ll elevate the overall feel of trailer. It may be a good idea to go with some kind of phrase which can also be used as the tagline for the movie. This phrase should be catchy and good enough to stick into people’s heads. It should be such that they keep thinking about it in their subconscious mind, long after they see the trailer.

Last but not the least, you must add good music to the film’s trailer. Your task would become much easier if you already have a theme song or an original score for the film. All you’d need to do is incorporate music which makes your trailer stand out from the rest. However, make sure that it doesn’t end up standing out too far and distant from the film itself!

As is evident from the above discussion, there are several aspects that go into the creation of a movie trailer. What’s most important is that you stay true to your creative vision and produce an emotionally charged up and unforgettable visual experience for the viewers.